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Consultation Fees

  • 30 minutes
  • 25 Omani rials
  • Sohar

Service Description

Fatty eye Eye stroke Tear ducts The cornea and retinal laser Everything related to corneal operations (bleeding and others) Eye injuries Eye injuries of all kinds: The eye often suffers from minor, medium, and high injuries that require rapid operations to avoid eye loss, such as entering a permeable body in the eye, or exposing the eye to scratches or scraping, or the eye’s exposure to harmful chemicals. Beautification of the eyelids and around the eye: the shape of the eye and its beauty affects the psyche of the individual Here are some cases that require cosmetic operations that improve and preserve the beauty of the eye Eyelids dropping, especially in children. Curvature of the edge of the eyelid (inside or outside). Fatty clusters in the eyelids. Eye atrophy or exophthalmos. • Diseases of the lacrimal system, such as blocked tear ducts. Congenital eyelid deformity associated with aging Simple operations of various kinds: Our medical team performs all the simple operations that the eyes need, such as tear duct obstruction and other operations that require simple surgical intervention.

Contact Details

  • Ammar Specialist Eye Center, Sohar, Oman


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