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It is a device that examines the frontal parts of the eye, as it takes a 360-degree image and then shoots 50 different pictures of more than 25,000 points in the cornea in a period not exceeding two seconds only!

The device also gives a three-dimensional image of the cornea and a three-dimensional image of the anterior chamber of the eye, determines the front and back terrain of the cornea and its thickness and also shows white water "cataract" if it is present with the lens of the eye. The Pentacam imaging system also allows for a panoramic tour of the anterior chamber of the eye without surgery or direct contact with the cornea using an advanced camera system that scans (cornea, anterior chamber, iris, and lens). This technique displays images that the patient can instantly understand and much information about the condition of the eye allowing to display all the above structures in high magnification with many details. The Pentacam imaging system is an important tool in vision correction surgery that helps us rule out any kind of corneal problems that would be contraindications to laser vision correction.

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