Dr. Sherief Nazer

Ophthalmology Specialist

Master Degree, Cairo- Egypt

ICO clinical science certificate, ICO- Switzerland

Cataract surgery: Phacoemulsification, ECCE

Refractive surgeries: Lasik, Femtolasik, Crosslinking, Intracorneal ring segments, Phakic IOLs, PRK, PTK

Theraputic Laser: Yag capsulotomy, Yag iridotomy, Retinal lasers, Diode laser

Oculoplasty: Pterygium with autograft, lacrimal duct probing and intubation, Entropion repair, minors

Glaucoma: Trabeculectomy, ALT

Diabetic Retinopathy: Retinal laser, Intravitreal injection